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Kaspersky Total Security Vs Internet Security

A question is always asked by the customers when they are going to buy security software. Which security product should use for online privacy. People might get confused to choose between the Kaspersky Total Security Vs Internet Security. It is most important to pick the best products out of two that is KIS and KTS.

However, both are the best products and fight against malware attacks & viruses. Some features are not included in the Kaspersky Internet Security. Total security does include all the features and benefits that’s why it is called total security. Total security includes features of safe kids protection, password manager, and more.

It will become easier if you know your security requirements because internet security also detects and scan the spyware, ransomware. First, ask yourself the purpose of getting Kaspersky’s security. There are different home products that Kaspersky offers. But which one is better for you? To find the answer you must know the features of both Kaspersky’s total security & Kaspersky internet security.

Password Manager

Password Manager

A user always needs to set the passwords for security such as for bank apps and crucial details. This feature of the Kaspersky Password Manager is available in the Kaspersky total security. It secures your all password and also offers many highly strong passwords. Lock your important files, documents, credit card, and bank details. All of these lock documents can only be unlocked through a strong password manager.

This feature of Kaspersky’s total security compatible with windows, android, macOS, iOS devices. Allow the password manager in your device. But you should have a Kaspersky account through which, you can manage the setting and feature of the password manager. This is an extra feature included in the Kaspersky total security software.

Parental Control

Parental Control

Parental control is the premium feature that is free in Kaspersky’s total security. But if you choose Kaspersky internet security it is not included. To get the Kaspersky safe kids, you can buy the premium version for your security at an affordable price using Kaspersky Discount Code. Parental control keeps your kids safe when they are connected to the internet. You can set the screen time and usage. so that kid can use the device and app according to you that you have been fixed the time. It has facebook monitoring, GPS tracking, and website filters also in parental control.

Through GPS tracking as a parent, you can decide the safest place for your kids. Where they go or stay and when they leave that location. If your child uses Facebook then you can also monitor Facebook, view their friend list, post. Website filters mean, for your kids can block the adult websites or content so that they can not view them.

Kaspersky Internet Security does include:-

Free VPN that masks your IP address and prevents your online activities. No one sees your browser activities because it hides the real IP address.

Safe Payment feature for the protection of your online payment and bank details. It will keep your bank details and money safe so that the cyber-attacker can not spying your details.

Webcam Protection from the irrelevant actions to your Webcam.

Two-Way Firewall

Kaspersky Two Way Firewall

The two-way firewall features are only for the windows and available in Kaspersky Total Security and internet security. Coming and going network are manageable by a two-way firewall.


The price is different for internet security and total security. Kaspersky provides plans at an affordable rate of up to 50% off, which gets it using the Kaspersky Promo Code. Kaspersky Total Security plans will be expensive than internet security. Because total security does include premium and extra plans that we have discussed above. If you want a password manager, parental control then can buy Kaspersky’s total security.

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