Kaspersky Vs Mcafee: Which One Is The Best?

kaspersky Vs Mcafee

Kaspersky Vs Mcafee:- They both the best antivirus software providers in the antivirus market. The features of both providers are very amazing but choosing a one is a must for you. So if you want to see the difference between the Kaspersky & Mcafee then go with the given article. In this post, you will see a far battle between both of them. This will helps you in choosing the best & affordable antivirus that will help you in making your devices virus-free. Compare the features of both the antivirus software & choose the best one according to your want.

Highlights of Kaspersky VS Mcafee

Before knowing about them, in brief, let’s compare the features & its services through the highlights.


  • Support for Linux, Mac, iOS & Windows & also introduce a new version of Windows security.
  • Strong protection from new harmful programs
  • Real-time antivirus security
  • Active infections healing
  • A flexible and fast scanning system
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Value For Money
  • 24/7 Support Services

McAfee highlights:

  • McAfee offers full-featured protection.
  •  Most intuitive and easy-to-use antiviruses.
  • Reliability is well above average.
  • Value: above average.
  • Money-Back Guarantee is 30-days-long.

Kaspersky Vs Mcafee

Comparison of Kaspersky & Mcafee





Kaspersky was founded in Russia in 1997. The company has built a very good reputation among all online security software. The company offers its services in 200 countries. Kaspersky is securing 400 million users’ devices. Mcafee is an American company founded in 1987. Only in 10 years, the company has gained a very well reputation. Mcafee has grown over 700 employees in 189 countries. Now the company has secure more than 525 million users.


The prices of Kaspersky is affordable as compare to the Mcafee. The plans of  Kaspersky are:-

  • Kaspersky Antivirus:- $60/year
  • Kaspersky Internet Security:- $80/year
  • Kaspersky Total Security:- $150
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud:- $90/year


The prices of Mcafee are a little bit higher as compare to the Kaspersky:-

  • Mcafee Total Protection 1:- $79.99/year
  • Mcafee Total Protection 5: $99.99
  • Mcafee Total Protection 10:- $119.99
  • Mcafee Total Protection Plus VPN:- $99.99
  • Mcafee Life safe Unlimited Devices:- $119.99


More security-related features and utilities in its security suites Decent range of Security products


Kaspersky gained less popularity as compare to Mcafee Very Popular in the antivirus Market

Users interface

Both are having the same internet I don’t want to be biased in this comparison The same level of user interface

System Performance Impact

If you use Kaspersky then your PC runs Smoothly without facing any kind of trouble. As compare to Kaspersky you will face trouble and slow down your PC.


Kaspersky is affordable in the comparison of Mcafee Mcafee services are expensive as compare to the Kaspersky

Antivirus protection Rating

Both are having the same antivirus protection rating. You will see the little bit margin in its rating just of 0.5%

Money-Back Guarantee

Kaspersky offers 30 days money-back guarantee to all the users. Mcafee also offers 30 days money-back guarantee.

24/7 Support Services

If you face any kind of hurdle in using its services then you can get help from its 24/7 support live chat, mail and many more Mcafee offers 24/7 support services to all the users through its different support services like a phone call, email, chat and more.

Discount Offers

Offers up to 50% Off Saving Discount offer on all software Offers 80% Off Saving Discount Coupon Code.

Extra Security Features

  • Personal Firewall
  • Parental Control
  • Gamer Mode
  • VPN Services
  • Safe Browser
  • Personal Firewall
  • Parental Control
  • Gamer Mode
  • Device Tune Protection
  • Safe Browser


Easy to use Easy to manageable


Windows, Mac, iOS & Linux Mac, Linux, iOS & Windows

Threat Type Protection

  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-worm
  • Anti-Trojan
  • Anti-Rootkit
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Spam
  • Email Protection
  • Chat Protection
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-worm
  • Anti-Trojan
  • Anti-Rootkit
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Spam
  • Email Protection

Which one is best Kaspersky or Mcafee?

After noticing all the features services I recommend you choose Kaspersky because it offers the same features when you compare it. And the one os the best reason is this is affordable for you as compare to the Mcafee. As you saw in the above-mentioned features the Mcafee is a little bit expensive as compare to the Kaspersky. From my Side, Kaspersky Antivirus wins this battle but still, the choice is your choice the best one according to your work and affordability. You can also compare then from the official website of both the Antivirus provider.

Kaspersky Vs Mcafee: Which One Is The Best?

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